I’m out with a wonderful new client and my accounts team at a favorite speakeasy near the office. As it happens, this brand is based in HK.

One day I had a chance encounter with one of the owners while shopping for a friend. The front desk asked what I did; they heard the magic word, “Tmall” and out popped the client from the back of the store. We meet. Things progress through several meetings. They come to Shanghai.

After the usual inspections, we celebrate over dinner. I find out the client’s friend knew the guy I’m shopping for and apparently she’s infatuated with him. She spent a weekend up in Shanghai…in his apartment.

What are the chances? Well…actually…pretty good

Shanghai is a city with 26 million people. Yet it still feels like a village. My team laughs at me because I can’t help running into people. No matter where or when I go (true, that).

Most important: I can’t resist a good set up. So I decide to invite my friend to join us for drinks and have our new client (who he’s never met) play a joke on him…PRICELESS

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