We are no strangers to digital transformation. As an ecommerce operator, our team was already using many of the tools later forced upon the public during quarantine.

While many changes are only temporary, there are 2 that I expect to stick around post-COVID:

1) There will be a permanent shift to online engagement.

Businesses that were heavily invested in on-site trade were forced to integrate marketing activity into digital formats & push transactions from offline to online.

After getting over the initial shock and fear, many businesses dropped offline footprints altogether. Since China’s retail environment is tenuous & expensive to maintain, digital will become the default entry point…a conversion that’s long overdue.

2) Transactional marketing is here to stay.

Livestream has become THE thing by combining the experience of in-store shopping with being a guest on a game show.

Compared to static product pages on Tmall…no contest.

Live streaming is very personal. It’s entertaining…and it can drive sales and magnify awareness.

The risk to the live-streaming community is the same that Alibaba faced when Taobao first launched: a crisis of legitimacy. Do your researching before signing a KOL to avoid being scammed.

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