At the height of the crisis, Forest Cabinet (a local cosmetics brand) was forced to shut down approximately half of their 300+ stores. We’ve all heard this story countless times over the past several months, right?

But what this brand did was SO DIFFERENT than what others faced with this situation were doing…I was blown away.

They trained 1600 of their employees to host live streaming sessions. Even the FOUNDER of the company hosted a live streaming session….which resulted in selling around 400,000 units.

As a result, now ecommerce accounts for around 90% of their sales. And most of it is done in house.

I’ve seen this shift across several categories over the past several months. Where using e-commerce or livestream had traditionally been thought of as an additional channel or way of amplifying marketing or increasing awareness…it is now being used as a primary commercial channel. Consumers are now much more likely to purchase because at this point it’s become mature and acceptable and trustworthy.

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