There’s a new gold rush in China ecommerce and most brands are not yet a part of it.

This is what happens when you put the largest ecommerce marketplace together with the video platform where China’s people spend most of their smartphone screen time.

China’s most popular short video app, Douyin, has become the place where everyone wants to make money. The app is so addictive that people spend 56-73 minutes per day watching clips that are under a minute long.

In 2018, Douyin made an app update to allow content creators to link directly to Taobao. Since then, more and more millionaires have emerged from this platform ….

And this has completely changed the game for Taobaoke, Taobao’s affiliate marketing program. Affiliates earn a commission for every sale they bring to Taobao stores and Douyin became the perfect place for them to do their work.

Our new report will show you exactly how Taobaoke affiliate marketing works for Douyin, how it has evolved to reach today’s “Douyin ecommerce era” and what this means for brands. Get your full copy here:

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