This morning my team was reviewing ten days of 6.18 performance data in our store portfolio.

The big standout was that 30% of ALL orders were completed with human help. No chatbots or other shortcuts.

It didn’t matter if the store was selling something cheap or consumable. One in three buyers demanded real personal service.

That’s because Chinese want to talk to you. They want a deal. They treat every Tmall and JD store like a fruit stand in a wet market.

Whether it’s a discount or a free gift, they EXPECT some kind of benefit at the time of sale (and they’re not afraid to ask for it.)

Even during a major event like 6.18, your offer quickly becomes irrelevant. They want their questions answered immediately…by a real human.

They are looking for assurances that your product is authentic and that you’re going to deliver value that they can’t get elsewhere.

They are expecting a conversation, not just a stock response.

In China, brands MUST understand that shoppers expect a white glove experience…a personal concierge for everything they buy.

For Western brands that aren’t used to this level of service, it’s a nightmare. But for those willing to rise to the challenge, the reward can be unmatched.

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