In the past, Singles Day was ONE day, 11.11.

While a TON of pre-sales happen for about a month leading up to the big day, 11.11 was still the big day. People would pay a small deposit to lock in the deal and then pay the remainder of the purchase price any time before or on 11.11. And products would only get shipped on or after 11.11.

All major Tmall stores participated in this kind of pre-sale and every year, it was the same thing. There was only ONE “breakout” day on 11.11.

But this year, there is more than one day to watch. There are TWO breakouts where “big deals” will be offered.

Naturally, one is on 11.11, but the second breakout session is actually BEFORE this. This year, for the first time ever, the earlier breakout will span across three days: November 1 – 3.

What does this mean for brands and merchants?

You need to plan for two separate events. One for each breakout.

If you participate in both… you’ll need to allocate inventory for them separately. In general, Tmall does not tolerate participating in an event and then not having a predetermined inventory level when the day comes. It’s another way to get blacklisted and nobody wants that for 11.11.

Marketing efforts and budgets needs to be aligned accordingly. And as for any game with limited resources….. you need to optimize the hell out of your campaigns, your content and your offers for each breakout.

Why do this?

11.11 puts a huge strain on logistics for everybody.

Spreading out the breakouts should alleviate a lot of that stress on warehouses, customer service teams, and especially couriers.

Will this be a better shopping experience for consumers? Or just downright confusing?

We’ll only find out in November.