According to Tmall category and event managers, the way they position individual products on event pages is all based on statistics.


There are several proven strategies a store can use to help secure prime screen real estate for the event. To maximize results, these three strategies should be employed during the pre-sale period, which typically launches up to one month before the event itself.


  1. Build a strong track record for the brand’s “hero products”
  2. Have a strong offer that entices visitors to click on the product (Tmall will be measuring click-through rates to determine placement)
  3. Bring high quality traffic to the store by communicating with customers through social media, Weitao (Taobao’s Twitter/Instagram functionality,) livestreaming and even direct messages


Nothing guarantees good placement on an event page that will receive millions of visitors. But these three strategies can help improve your chances of receiving prime placement.


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