Tmall Announces New Rules for Singles Day 2019

Tmall has set new rules restricting the type of products that can qualify to become part of the Double-11 event. Tmall will evaluate products based on their performance. Stores can at most attempt to put 3 low-performing products into the 11.11 event. Products with strong track records will not be restricted. While Alibaba hasn’t announced an exact formula for how they will evaluate performance, they’ve stated they will specifically consider sales and inventory turnover.

This means brands cannot rely on the platform to sell their lower performing products this year. While Nov. 11 was never a time to clear out stale inventory, this year it is even more certain that it won’t happen. The platform is filtering out those products to direct customers only towards quality products.

There are many prerequisites for getting in to Nov. 11 like showing some success in smaller events in August and September. But, Tmall is still giving enforcing fewer rules on new brand flagships that haven’t had the time to build up sales. Stay tuned in the coming days for inside informaiton on the new tools and Tmall’s plans to make this year’s 11.11 even bigger and better than those in years past.

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