Tmall Announces New Tools for Singles Day 2019 (Part 2)

At conferences for merchants held earlier this fall, Tmall category managers also shared various tools for 11.11 and encouraged all merchants to use them to increase engagement with consumers. In the coming days, we will share the new tools, their features, and how they can be of use to merchants and store operators.

Xinkebao-First-time customer targeting tool:

New audience targeting tool specifically designed to acquire new first-time visitors.
Some of its features include:

-accurately targeting new potential customers -exclusive deals only for new customers.
-Hongbao (lucky money) offers for these new customers -special coupons for first-timers that can be redeemed in a few separate purchases, encouraging people to come back again for another purchase later on.

Stay tuned for information on the other exciting tools Tmall is unveiling for this year’s Double 11.

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