Alibaba and JD are actively targeting niche and mid-size brands.  These brands align with the ecommerce giants’ vision of creating growth & building communities. They’re forward thinking.

This gives challenger brands an advantage that big brands just can’t match. While the platforms & growing brands are focusing on cultivating new consumer sets, bigger brands often miss out by focusing on existing markets and trends that have already peaked.

All of this puts mid-size brands in a unique position with the marketplaces.

Alibaba has created a whole division that’s looking for up-and-coming brands in hot categories & helping them with incubation. The platform has built in a whole new layer that you don’t see (or find anywhere else in the world) to develop these brands.

This is a game changer & such a shift from Western marketplaces like Amazon that are merely a place to transact. It’s the opposite in China.

Alibaba is a marketing organization. It’s a complete integration of commerce into daily life from point of interest to point of sale.

When you work with them, they’re always trying to push YOU to be a better marketer. With the power & resources of a giant behind them, insurgent brands have a unique ability to thrive in China like nowhere else.

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