Tmall Unveils Plans for 11.11 Event (Singles Day)

At a recent conference with merchants, Tmall shared their plans for the upcoming Singles Day event.

-Thematic promotions: Tmall will prepare specific themes that can highlight products in each category.

-KOLs: Tmall has prepared various high-profile KOLs to take part in Nov. 11. Each category has its own line up of KOLs who will be promoting events through content.

-Nov.11 Traffic pack: Formalized ad credit rewarding system for any traffic brought into Taobao from external sources. Alibaba wants to bring in traffic from social media, entertainment apps, offline events via QR code and especially from video apps. Merchants will receive credits for the traffic they bring in, which they can then use for Tmall CPM and CPC ad spend.

Merchants should try to leverage all tools available and follow Tmall’s tips to maximize chances of success on this single biggest shopping event on the planet. Singles Day requires a high level of coordination between marketing strategy, execution, preparation, distributor relations, technical optimization, logistics and customer service. Brands need to make sure their own store operators have the experience executing on all areas with a strong track record on past Singles Day events.

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