Today I saw my team’s “negative” bias towards influencer platforms…while attending a candid, open and engaging panel discussion.

I interviewed an influencer with a huge following. She swears by a certain platform for highest engagement. But we always check the facts, so I told my team the name.

Their immediate reaction??

“Guys with no friends, watching comedy, food porn and staying at home morning until night with nothing else to do.”

…Hilarious. China’s equivalent of the nerdy couch potato.

One of our store managers followed that comment with “I have no faith in influencers outside the platform to make a difference.”

Really? I think they are missing the point: they are doing so much activation and seeing low ROI on an isolated CAMPAIGN basis. But they cannot deny long term effects on store weight and overall growth.

This audience was the primary demographic on that platform…9 months ago. That’s an eternity in China.

While there is no magic button, brands need an ecosystem of authentic, high quality content that leads to purchase. Influencers (when done right) magnify response.

Time to snuff out the bias. Spring cleaning anyone???

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