Our new client has been fumbling in China for some time. Perhaps it was predictable. After all, organizational hubris can be an incurable disease.

They ignored the obvious signs. They’ve been disrupted. Competition is coming from everywhere. They let digitalization happen and decided to take part in a small way instead of serving people the way they want.

So what do you do when your sales are abysmal (and declining)? You are hamstrung by the old ways of doing things? Your legacy culture is weighing you down?


Do the research. Run an audit. Figure out what changed. Get professional help. Find out where you need to be and when you need to be there and re-engage at POINT OF INTEREST.

China is simply too big and diverse to think things will stay the same. Consumer behavior often changes overnight.

Acceptance of this truth is hard. Trying something new is uncomfortable. But when you finally do it, you enter a fertile land where rivals aren’t necessarily willing to go. Here you can plant the seeds of success…and win again.

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