Was reading some dull updates about “new” things happening in USA retail this morning. Most were old news in China…5 years ago.

Are we really that far behind?

Perhaps we just don’t care. Or our values are different. Or we were trained by advertisers to accept bad service. Not really sure when that happened.

Baby boomers enjoyed rapid improvements in quality of life for decades on end. The epitome was the first wave of post-war air travel in the 1950’s.

It was the definition of luxury: a magical, opulent, immersive experience connected to social aspiration. Checked every box.

Now booking any American or European airline is an example of things gone horribly wrong. Simply call United Airlines and try to get help. The experience is nothing short of miserable.

What I see in the consumer-facing segment is legacy infrastructure being disrupted…by CHINA. I think the day will come when those worlds collide.

Until then, I pray the personal AI revolution will bring new life to our decaying prosperity…

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