What can stores do to reconcile Tmall sales data?

Despite discrepancies between #Tmall sales and #Alipay data, we’ve never encountered a case where Alipay was overcharging. It’s just that little discrepancies here and there drive some #accounting departments crazy when they need to put numbers into their system.

Here are some ways to save time on this issue:

  • Record #cashflow and sales separately. Because of confirmation of receipt, those two will never align perfectly due to variable escrow time periods.
  • Leave some room for small discrepancies. Trying to balance debit and credit down to the penny creates a huge time sink for employees due to the various factors above.
  • Avoid real-time tracking of orders and #sales for record keeping purposes. It is time consuming, expensive and far from being robust due to the way the API platform and app marketplace are set up. Most stores survive or thrive with weekly or monthly records.
  • Most importantly, don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Make sure the way you record numbers is a good representation of reality.

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