What does it mean to get into Singles Day?

There’s a common misconception that “getting into” Nov. 11 will automatically guarantee millions of visitors on the big day. This can’t be any further from the truth.

Getting into the event qualifies you to get featured on some prime screen real estate. But it doesn’t guarantee anything at all. It simply means you have passed the test, but you still need to work your way to the top to get the exposure.

Tmall has a formal application for the event itself. It filters out stores that have a bad track record that could be a result of anything: poor customer service, logistics issues or simply bad products. Stores that do enter the event also formally agree to Singles Day’s pricing rules


So what can a store do to actually get featured on Nov. 11?

The answers to that mostly need to happen a long time before Nov. 11.

After getting into Singles Day, there’s nothing that can be done by negotiating with Tmall managers. According to Tmall category and event managers, the way they position individual products on event pages is all based on statistics.

A store needs to build up a strong track record for its hero products. This will affect how they initially get positioned on an event page.

The offer also needs to be so strong that visitors get tempted to click on the product.  Tmall will shuffle around the position of the products to measure engagement like click-through rates and the number of people that add the product to their shopping cart. The winners will earn the most valuable positions as Nov. 11 approaches.

All this shuffling and measuring happens during the pre-sale period. A lot of event pages are published almost a month in advance where customers can plan what they want to buy on the big day. It is during this period that customers can gain an even higher discount by putting down a deposit and committing to buy far in advance.

One of the best thing stores can do is to bring high quality traffic into the store during the pre-sales period. It is not an easy task and stores need to be actively communicating with consumers on all fronts: social media, Weitao (Taobao’s Twitter/Instagram functionality) , livestreaming and even direct messages.

Nothing guarantees good placement on an event page that will receive millions of visitors. But everything counts towards increasing your chances to get there.


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