What remote collaboration tool works best?

The current crisis has instigated a no holds barred contest between remote collaboration tools.

It seems like EVERYONE is offering unlimited free trials until May. Bytedance’s collaboration app Lark (Feishu) doubled their daily active users in the first week after Chinese New Year. Tencent upped the stakes by banning all links to Lark in WeChat because they have WeChat Work on their agenda.

This is a dog eat dog world.

So, if your company suddenly has to work remotely, but you weren’t already using these collaboration apps…

How do you pick the right one from this bunch?

These collaboration apps don’t solve all problems (despite what their websites may say!) So you need to think about…

What are the biggest challenges your organization faces when all of a sudden people can’t just talk face to face? Every organization is different…with a unique set of personalities, working styles, and needs to keep in mind.

Over the next few days we’ll share what our team has found over countless hours of research….as well as our top picks (that we’re ACTUALLY using.) Stay tuned…

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