What To Say About Competitors

While presenting to a French retailer yesterday, a few competitor names came up. It’s often a client’s way to keep us on our toes or learn something new.

The question seems innocent enough, “what do you think of ______________???”

But I assure you it is a TRAP. There is no good answer to that question.

Even if you think you are that much better or unique and different. Even if you think they aren’t qualified or would be a bad fit. Even if you are SURE of this. Zip it!

Your clients have put you in the same basket. Things you say may backfire. Your client may have a lot of respect and/or preference for them. They could even be friends…

Look at it this way: amateurs badmouth and professionals PRAISE their competitors. Praise them for what they do well and show contrast. Never say a bad word.

Everyone who is your competitor clearly has value…whether you think so or not. You don’t know if you are talking to a friend or enemy. Why risk offense?

Plus if the competitor is formidable, praising them makes YOU look good too.

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