Tmall and Taobao have revolutionized the consumer experience.

In China, consumers can access the collapsed, integrated functionality of 15 applications in less than one minute all in one place.

In the West all of the apps you would use during your purchase journey like Venmo or Apple Wallet, Instagram, Facebook, etc. that are independent outside of China are integrated into every single merchant store in Taobao…. for FREE.

And the platforms are no longer just B2C…they’re M2C. As a consumer, you can be talking directly to someone at a factory who’s responsible for customizing orders in about three seconds.

The average response time of my customer service team is between eight and 20 seconds to any requests.

So you get a live human being in seconds who will customize your order, process it for you, and have it delivered in an hour direct from the factory… for FREE.

As a foreign business… how do you work in an environment like that?

Can you imagine if American consumers could do that? There wouldn’t be any physical retailers anymore, right?

It’s unbelievable… and unmatched anywhere else in the world.

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