Where do you start in Asia?

China is by far the biggest market; it trumps all other markets in Asia. But, what I can say with confidence is that the rest of Asia is less competitive than China. Really, it depends on your category. I would say you have to look at your own brand. You have to understand your own resources and whether you’re ready for the Chinese market because it is very competitive and transparent.

And if you take a look and find out you’re not ready for China, then I think it is quite easy in terms of market access in other less competitive markets. Of course, in areas where it’s less competitive, there’s also less of an upside. The volume is not nearly what you would do in China. But you could surround China, build your resources and then go in later.

What I see a lot of really clever brands do is they activate in Bangkok, Tokyo, and Seoul and get into travel retail…which automatically activates them in China. And then when they go into China, they already have brand strength and are able to be much more successful than they would have otherwise. It’s a very indirect but successful strategy to get into the Chinese market without the investment of “being there.”

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