I am constantly impressed by the fine citizens of China. As the world has struggled to navigate the ongoing recession, Chinese consumers have risen to the challenge in ways that I don’t see in the West.

I think the difference is that #China is very adaptable and moves quickly to new technologies. Citizens are more receptive to new ways of living.

Chinese #consumers have already adapted to the changing economic situation, and have found ways to thrive under less than ideal conditions.

That’s why you don’t see a deep #recession and huge plunges in consumption like we are seeing in the #West right now.

So much of #Chinese commerce was already being done digitally. Chinese consumers largely aren’t dependent on driving 30 minutes to a Walmart store to buy everything.

No one wants to shop in physical stores in China. It’s miserable, and the traffic alone can make you crazy! You only do it if you have to…most people are spoiled by #Taobao.

Why would you bother with braving a physical store when you could order what you want on #Tmall or #JD and have it delivered within an hour for free?

I always joke with my friends and family back in the States that China is 10 years ahead of US digitally…in this case Chinese citizens’ early adoption of #technology has given them the ability to weather the storm.