How are Chinese shoppers most likely to find your store…via homepage or secondary (product) page?

If you guessed the latter, you would be right. Homepages are useless in China’s online marketplaces.

That’s because products are almost “never” bought that way. Nearly every path to purchase is controlled by a performance algorithm which ranks individual LISTINGS (not brands).

Brands appear in search as pages of products. And “branded” listings dominate all search traffic.

So there is no way around it. Product detail pages capture the vast majority of traffic.

Yet clients insist on spending enormous amounts of time optimizing pages and design elements that don’t yield.

Those could be official brand introduction pages, .com or .cn websites, home pages inside Tmall and JD stores and so on.


If they spent any real time testing, they’d know this to be true and they would find ways to focus their limited resources on activities that get results.

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