Why Douyin Taobaoke is All the Rage

It’s not just because there are over 300 million daily active users spending an hour each day swiping through videos. Obviously, where there’s traffic, businesses will want to get exposure.

Douyin is unique because it is known as the FAIR platform for content creators. You don’t go viral just because you’re famous somewhere else or have high budgets for video production. The platform decides what is good content, so anyone with a smartphone CAN build a large audience as long as they consistently publish GOOD content and stick to their specific niche.

Douyin also made the monetization part super simple with its Taobaoke integration. Viewers get a seamless transition from watching a video to buying directly from Taobao.

Content creators with moderate success can already turn their content into a successful ecommerce business, with close to zero overhead. It’s the new thing everyone wants to do to get rich.

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