Why is it so hard to match Tmall sales data with its cashflow data? (Part 2)

Yesterday we talked about how “confirmation of receipt” can cause issues when trying to match sales data in #Tmall vs. #Alipay.

Here are two more reasons why your data may not match:

1) The numbers can change at any time.

Based on when you look at the data, the numbers can change. Orders can get cancelled or put through a refund process at any point along the order’s lifetime…even after the order is marked as completed. This will cause discrepancies as “total” sales can be defined differently. Should it include orders pending payment or shipment? What about refunds?

2) Different analytics apps will interpret the same data differently

Tmall’s store backend lets you see every single order. It also lets you see summaries through multiple analytics apps like SYCM ( the most-used analytics app) and  SEJ. Alipay also has its own summary dashboard. The problem is that these different tools will show you different sales totals. One may have a delay in processing returns data. Another may define a ‘valid sale’ differently. The way they define valid sales may differ from what you have in mind. Trying to compare two different data sources will often lead to numbers not matching.

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