If you run a store and try to match Tmall’s sales data with cashflow data in Alipay, you’ll find that the numbers will never match perfectly. Double-entry book keeping should be something pretty straight forward. Why is this so complicated with Tmall?

Confirmation of receipt dictates when funds arrive in Alipay

The concept of “confirmation of receipt” creates quite a mess for accounting and it’s mandatory to first understand how this fits into the timeline of a Tmall order.

At any point in time, the order can be cancelled or refunded, which complicates things a bit. The money only arrives at the store’s Alipay account after the customer confirms that they received the product. This can happen in one of two ways:

  1. Customer manually enters payment password to tell the Taobao app that they successfully received the product.
    Why do this? It’s a necessary step before being able to leave a review. Leaving reviews is a huge part of the Taobao social experience.
  2. If the customer doesn’t manually indicate they received the product, by default the order will automatically change to confirmed status 14 days after the item arrives.

Therefore, there’s no exact time that the funds will be released by Alipay. You only know that it’s within 14 days of the package arrival.

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