I just spoke with an amazing women’s fashion brand. They boast a 50% conversion rate and ZERO stock.

1 out of every 2 people who visit a store, try the quality, and hear their story BUY the product.

(and keep it)

They’ve built a system that stops chronic overstocking and liquidation, aggressive downward price pressure and returns management.

It’s nearly zero waste in the supply chain. Growth with low environmental impact.

They are trying to make a genuine difference in the world by changing the WAY we make fashionable things and bring them to market.

To make the model work, they need “conscious community.”

Consumers need deeper education and experiences. They need a lot of helping hands.

…I loved it, but I can’t help her. Her investors are pressing for ecommerce but it isn’t the right time.

That’s because (fundamentally) brand strength is what drives consumption in China.

When we look at any category, consumers are focused on form, function and REPUTATION.

So until eco-friendly is a truly “cool” category in China, their appeals will likely fall on deaf ears.

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