WORKSHOP: Setting Up And Running Successful Online Marketplace Stores In China
10:00 AM April 21
Asia World Expo
Hong Kong

This Sunday I’m running a one hour workshop at Asia’s largest retail tech conference. If you are a brand or start up (and can spare some of Easter Sunday), I’ll make it worth your time.

Here’s why:

(1) Get my personal playbook. What works and what doesn’t in China ecommerce. You’ll learn how to size an opportunity, create a winning strategy, find the right partners and resources (even on a shoe string) and make the project successful from day one. All the juicy bits…none of the fluff.

(2) Nishtha asked me to do more than a keynote. Since I’ve never taught a class, I’m giving every attendee EXTRA support, custom brand data and other valuable materials.

(3) Because the audience is mostly fast-growing start ups and scale ups, I decided to take the exercise one step further and answer the toughest question of all (the one you lose sleep over)…

“What would you do if you were starting from ZERO?”

For answers to this and other key questions, register now.

Hope to see you there

PS: If you can’t make it & want the learnings, drop me a message in comments with your email. We’ll find a way to connect later.

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