It’s Deja Vu:

“Things are changing by the hour. I can’t imagine what it will be like tomorrow, let alone next week or next month.”

“We are locked down. I can’t work. How are we going to survive this financially?”

“Our economy is being hit so hard…how long will this last?”

“I am so anxious. The fear is overwhelming.”

Every day I hear familiar sentiments from my staff, friends and family back home, fully 8 weeks since China went into lockdown.

I can tell you from experience, things WILL get better. In the early days, there was so much fear and uncertainty here too.

Four weeks later…things were stabilizing. Fast forward another four weeks and today China is in recovery.

Things are getting back to normal. New cases are negligible. People are shopping and going to restaurants. Our portfolio sales are now outpacing March 2019 by a solid margin.

To all of my friends and family in the West…hold on…stay strong…stay home!

You CAN get through this. Things will be back to normal before you know it.

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