Who We Are

Kung Fu Data is one of the only independent data firms based in China to possess a rare combination of authentic understanding of the West and in-depth local know-how. Since 2010, we have used proprietary data and optimization technology to help foreign brands thrive in China’s largest e-marketplaces. Our sole mission is to bring brand owners a level of data transparency they never thought possible.

Invaluable Advisory

“Tenacious objectivity” is the foundation of our success. No matter your brand’s size or level of involvement in China, we can identify weaknesses accurately and swiftly, and share a library of strategic casework to get you back on track. Experienced team leaders can even look at data on your brand’s mini-ecosystem (like stock market ticker tape) and very quickly pinpoint the issue and tell you how to fix it.

Data is about discovering What-You-Don’t-Know. And our professional “dot connectors” often see things you can’t and are likely to unlock specific opportunities to perform better.

Contact any Kung Fu Data trade reference to hear about their version of breakthrough insights and results delivery.

Trouble-Free Entry

We have been retained by our strategic partner, China’s 3rd largest online distributor to identify, on-board and service 10 new brands per month through to 2018. Contracts are offered on an exclusive or semi-exclusive buyout or consignment basis. Brand owners who want full in-market coverage can submit their brands for consideration. Contract development, servicing costs are paid on performance as a percentage of trade volume.

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