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Orchestrate and amplify your brand with Social and Live-stream campaigns that influence your consumers

Campaigns tailored to the needs of the Fashion, Lifestyle and Performance industries

Building relevant touchpoints in your customer’s journey


Connect and nurture
relationships with the influencers
that matter.


Build impactful touchpoints to reach the modern FLP consumer and maximise brand exposure.


Monitor your campaigns and leverage key performance
indicators to fuel brand growth.

Find out how our Services and Insights can help you

Maintain and monitor your most impactful campaigns with key brand influencers through a centralised digital marketing team & outreach solution. Grow your brand’s influence by accessing an exclusive network dedicated to the Fashion, Lifestyle and Performance industries.

Maximise exposure on social media, live-streams and e-commerce from bespoke influencer campaigns, insider content. Showcase the essence of your brand through different campaigns adapted to your brand’s needs.

Understand the impact of your influencer activations, live-streams or digital storefronts through comprehensive reports that will allow you to plan ahead for future campaigns.

Enhance your team’s expertise by leveraging our digital marketing and influencer experts to build powerful brand activations.

You just might be our next success story See how Kung Fu Data can help you

Brand Intelligence

Measure Brand Potential to optimise your strategy

Brand Inventory Management

Optimise the usage of your inventory to increase productivity and reduce launch-to-market time