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Visualise the Brand Potential you need to stand out in the market

Estimate your brand's selling potential based on current awareness, customer satisfaction and grey market activity.

What is the

Brand Sales Index?

The Kung Fu Data Brand Sales Index is a holistic, proprietary assessment of a brand’s potential in Fashion, Lifestyle and Performance in China. Through our solutions customers can make smarter decisions around their development efforts by understanding where their brand stands in China’s competitive marketplace, leveraging data and insights to measure the impact of their e-commerce and digital campaigns.

Get a 360-degree view of your competitive landscape to improve your brand strategy

Visualise your brand in the marketplace with one comprehensive metric that integrates e-commerce performance, consumer sentiment and market potential you need to grow your brand and make it stand out in China.

Plan Your Strategy

Define the direction of your brand based on data-driven insights.

Create & Manage

Accelerate and optimise your digital brand presence in China across multiple platforms and channels.

Execute Brand Activations

Define the direction of your brand based on data-driven insights.

Revolutionise your E-commerce

Transform your brand’s China e-commerce experience and gain an edge against your competitors.

Kung Fu Data’s Brand Sales Index

Kung Fu Data’s Brand Potential Index gives fashion, lifestyle and performance (FLP) executives the industry data, insights and e-commerce services they need to improve their performance.




Synchronise your e-commerce operations through the leading China e-commerce partner for FLP

  • 100% Vertical. Data, services and expertise adapted to the needs of the fashion, lifestyle and performance industry.

  • Unified Management. Distribution, digital marketing and e-commerce operations managed through a single team.

  • Scalable across platforms and channels. Increase impact, improve productivity and synchronise brand channels across platforms through one dedicated services provider.

You just might be our next success story See how Kung Fu Data can help you