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Easily Manage & Track your Global Inventory

Track your inventory and products as you send them around the world to China. You’ll never wonder where your products are again.

Make your inventory work harder for you

1. Increase shipment transparency

Minimise inventory loss by tracking exactly where your shipments are.

2. Maximise your e-commerce efficiency

Slash shipping times by up to three times with local distribution centres and expedited customs clearance.

3. Optimise your inventory doing more with less

Conduct inventory audits to identify which products are the most purchased, prioritise their product send-outs and track shipments to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Reduce Inventory Loss

Stay in the know of where your shipments are via a dedicated team. Track lost, missing and unreturned items.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Know which products are in stock and in need of restocking in your e-commerce store.

Boost Social Media Coverage

Reserve key products for upcoming events and campaigns. Keep teams in the loop to facilitate timely reviews, demos and other key coverage from KOLs and KOCs on China’s social platforms.

Gain Valuable Insights

Analyse missed opportunities, conduct inventory audits and plan ahead for sales and future product releases. Most importantly, understand the efficiency of your collections and performance to maximise your ROI.

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