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Build Impactful Brand Experiences on China E-commerce

Manage your e-commerce store and brand presence with end-to-end services dedicated to Fashion, Lifestyle and Performance.

Simplify China e-commerce store management with one
centralised team

1. Nurture and build loyal followers

Reach a wide range of consumers across Fashion, Lifestyle & Performance and understand customer reception with your brand and products.

2. Maximise brand exposure and track real-time results

Develop bespoke digital storefronts and creative strategies that tell the perfect story through photos, videos and feedback from real customers together with real-time sales data that enable you to improve the performance of your products.

3. Maintain synchronisation during global campaigns

Simplify campaign management by knowing exactly which promotions are being run and which products are being sold across all your e-commerce stores in China, facilitating clearer communication with regional and corporate teams.

Access Our Premium E-commerce Network

Enhance your brand performance with our premium e-commerce network designed specifically to serve the unique needs of Fashion, Lifestyle and Performance brands.

Manage Customer Experiences and Expectations

Identify what works and what needs improvement. Create stronger relationships by analysing customer sentiment, reviews and complaints to refine and strengthen your brand’s digital identity.

Streamline Product Releases and Sales

Develop awe-inspiring digital storefront experiences and content that tells the perfect story–whether it’s photos, videos or product descriptions. Seamlessly manage the e-commerce store setup process with our dedicated teams.

Authenticity helps deepen the connection

Build lasting relationships and loyalty through unique store designs and product pages that respond to what customers are interested in at each touchpoint along the purchase journey.

Measure Results in Real-Time

Deep dive into e-commerce metrics including reach, return rates, customer sentiment and Brand Potential Index™ results to understand the impact and performance of your products and e-commerce presence.

Fine-tune your plans with our experienced team of
China e-commerce experts

Our team of China e-commerce experts will complement the efforts of your department offering you support in various fields:




Kung Fu Data’s Industry Intel makes our strategy tangible and measurable. It is a valuable tool for reporting to our top management and for enhancing the value of our work

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