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Visualise industry trends across China

Monitor your brand performance holistically and understand industry conditions and trends on social media and e-commerce.

Start effectively visualising industry trends and conditions

1. Cross-channel coverage

based on comparative
performance data

2. Industry specific

and manage inspiring
e-commerce stores with speed
and efficiency

3. Truly versatile

inventory from anywhere in the
world to our direct-access China
fulfilment centres

Discover a simple yet holistic way to visualise industry trends around you across e-commerce, social media and more

Understand how your industry sector is developing and learn about the latest trends to keep an eye out for as you plan your new brand strategies and update existing ones.

Wide and deep category coverage

With unparalleled coverage of the fashion, lifestyle and performance (FLP) sectors, Industry Insights keeps you informed regardless of which vertical your brand falls under.

Comprehensive Reports & Benchmarking

Analyse your performance through our seamlessly exportable and easy-to-edit comprehensive reports with print, online and social coverage, details on top placements, charts that help compare coverage volume and more.

Kung Fu Data’s Industry Intel makes our strategy tangible and measurable. It is a valuable tool for reporting to our top management and for enhancing the value of our work

PR & Marketing Team

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