What We Do – China Market Entry

Our only goal is to help brands succeed in China regardless of what stage they are at. Whether it’s ecommerce advisory or activating and optimizing a Tmall store, we leverage data and relationships to create that success.

Facilitating China market entry for all kinds of business is our aim. By utilizing advanced techniques to enhance your ecommerce ability you can improve every aspect of your business strategy. We know that every business is unique, and gaining access to the market in China is important for continued and exponential growth.

Every aspect of our service will help you gain a foothold in the market. As a result, you’ll build success upon success with processes that rely on data rather than dreams.

Ecommerce Advisory

Understanding the Chinese ecommerce market can be complicated, but we help to simplify China market entry – you won’t be overwhelmed by countless vendors, multiple options, and confusing statistics that end with information overload.


Are you a brand considering selling in China? Are you struggling with market research or don’t quite know what to do next? We’ll help you lift your business to the next level. And we’ll make sure it’s a sustainable success.


See more about what it takes to make a successful China market entry in a simple and strategic manner with Kung Fu Data.

Store Operations

Tmall stores need an intricate process of optimization that grows the store’s visitors, average purchase amount and conversion rate. You may be attempting China market entry on your own with a Tmall store, but don’t know what to do next to increase the user engagement with your store.


We understand the market in China and can help you gain the maximum benefit from your Tmall store. Don’t waste time guessing what might help – let us guide you with strategies that are proven to work. Learn more about how we’ve helped numerous brands grow their sales and discover how you can be next.