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From takeovers and turnarounds to new store launches, we drive success for the world's most iconic brands.

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We are an award-winning omnichannel partner
with a real track record for growth in China

Kung Fu Data’s deep expertise in DTC online in China and full-service model enables us to focus on growing the brands in our home markets whilst they grow our business in China. The Kung Fu Data team is highly professional and data driven, putting the facts first and not only paying lip service to them but actually using them for all decision making.

Albert Luggenhorst, Head of Strategy, G-Star RAW

No matter where you are, our data-driven distribution
services save time and lower risk.

The right kind of brand control

China’s online marketplaces can be unforgiving. But we have an impeccable track record helping clients take back unauthorised resale and control branded search.

Proven growth strategies

At Kung Fu Data, we tackle challenges head-on, operating with a David vs Goliath strategy that overcomes the toughest obstacles. Launching in China can be unpredictable, but we integrate proven tactics, knowhow and technology with tailored strategies to help our clients succeed.

Expand your brand into China without the headaches. If you are a fashion, lifestyle or performance brand struggling to make ends meet, we use simple and effective strategies that work.

Honesty and transparency are
everything to us

With Kung Fu Data, your brand and assets are protected with the highest transparency, integrity and accountability a China partner can offer. You can see what’s happening 24/7 and react quickly to changes, working closely with our operations team so you never miss an opportunity.

Dedicated teams for everyone

You don’t need a single person or legal entity on the ground to succeed in China’s digital marketplace – Kung Fu Data takes care of everything so you can focus on your brand. Our data-driven team embody professionalism and integrity, putting the facts first and using them for all decision making. We focus on performance, not just size or popularity.

Reliable frontline specialists

Our clients come to us facing various challenges, including false starts, poor management and neglect, but we turn these obstacles into opportunities. With our expertise, our clients win the awards and are thrilled with the results. Our mission is to help global brands thrive.

Real-time consumer intel

We understand what it takes to win in China. Our team of data athletes have a singular goal of making your brand irresistible in China. Whether you’re looking to understand your brand’s potential, launch with confidence, find a proven Tmall partner or distributor, we’ve got you covered.

Sell in China

without a local
team or capex

Eliminate risk and
resource drain

with precise inventory management

Build your reputation

and increase consumer satisfaction with live commerce and social seeding

Lead your category

All of our brands win leadership positions in their category


in every contract

Deliver inspiring, impactful and transformative brand experiences with
our comprehensive e-commerce services.

Inventory Management

Deliver & manage inspirational brand products with speed, efficiency & consistency.

E-commerce Operations

Organise, orchestrate and amplify brand values with our customer service and digital marketing teams who will inspire your customers.

Brand Intelligence

Optimise your strategies and drive brand growth with a holistic view on the conditions and performance of your industry sector.

Versatile Inventory Management

Streamline inventory management workflow across departments.

Worldwide Distribution

Organise and distribute your brand’s inventory from anywhere in the world.

E-commerce Operations Management

Manage your influencer programmes from start to finish

Social Media Marketing

Launch impactful brand campaigns on social media through brand-owned channels and influencers.

Customer Service & Contact Management

Seamlessly manage customer enquiries and expectations.

Industry Intel

Monitor industry trends and conditions across social media and e-commerce in China.

Brand Potential Index

Understand marketing and e-commerce performance in relation to other industry players.

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Increased Consumer Satisfaction

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